ELPINE portable calor gas heater 4.2 KW butane LPG home heating cabinet fire regulator hose gas heater

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Get ready for winter!

Lightweight portable and cost efficient gas heater.

  • 4200w
  • Piezo-electric ignition
  • Flame failure protection device
  • Power settings : 1.5kw to 4.2kw
  • Castors for easy moving

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  • Features

    Multiple Settings

    The Elpine unit has three seperate settings that allow the homeowner to select their ideal temperature.

    Ready to Go

    The inclusion of the regulator and hose that comes with the unit means that it is simply a case of sourcing a butane gas cylinder and attaching the filled cylinder to immediately enjoy the high output unit.

    Suitable for Many Environments

    The easy-glide wheels make this the ideal solution for heating even in the absence of central heating systems and where electricity supply is erratic or not present. The unit is lightweight and robust and the design makes it both eye catching and efficient.

    The Calor Butane powered portable cabinet heater is the perfect combination of efficiency and value for money. the ability to move the unit from room to room makes it a welcome addition to any household or business premises.


    • Lightweight and attractive
    • Three settings for maximum efficiency
    • Butane operation means cost savings
    • Good value for money
    • Easy ignition
    • Suitable for most spaces
    • High heat output
    • Simple to set up
    • Great for use in areas where electrical supply may be an issue


    • Ignition may require patience in holding down the ignition button
    • Gas cylinder not supplied


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